Meet Joel

Joel Dettwiler is currently a Financial Advisor and a Special Needs/Disability Planning Consultant (ChSNC) with the Quantum Group, LLC in Onalaska, WI.

Joel attended UW-Platteville (’97, ’03) and UW-Madison (’99) for engineering and education. He has 20 years experience in being an NCAA D3 football coach and CSCS/USAW Certified Sports Performance Coach. Joel currently coaches in sports performance with the Xtreme Volleyball Club in La Crosse, WI. Joel has a unique collection of education and experience that has allowed him to apply different methodologies and unique perspectives to the different professions he has had.

Joel brings a broad connection to the community as well as a background in health, fitness and financial management that will help ensure the success of Clinically Pressed and its impact on the community.

Clinically Pressed Interview