Podcast Episodes


We wanted to start off by introducing ourselves and then getting into some of the misconceptions and misinformation we always hear and what you can do to help with them.


Today we have Andy Askow who is a UWL undergrad student, a world record and world champion powerlifter.


Sam is a registered dietitian (RD) and a certified personal trainer at La Crosse Wellness Center.


Kevin has a variety of experiences and certifications all over the place from performance to soft tissue work and nutrition. He is always reading and the books are very interesting (we list them below) and is a great conversation regarding athletes and just general health.


In this episode we break down everything around soft tissue work.


Jon has a 47 inch vertical, his dad invented the beaded jump rope and training with tubing, he worked with the LA Clippers and now owns Monkey Bar Gym.


This episode we cover everything CrossFit and he addresses a lot of the misconceptions that are out there.


In this episode we try and break down what we find to be the best options for the best results without throwing money away in the process.


Dan runs Madison Human Performance along with his girlfriend and her father (a chiropractor).


Andy and Cooper talk training strategy, nutrition and how they do what they do.
That's the end!