About Us

Mission Statement

The mission of Clinically Pressed is to make fitness and quality of life improvement simple and accessible. In the often confusing world of fitness and wellness, getting started can seem daunting as there are no shortages of opinions and strategies available. Through improved access to information and programs that give back, both financially and practically, the mission of Clinically Pressed will be to help people get started and build a better future for themselves and others within the community.

Vision Statement

Making fitness and health accessible by making the Complicated, Simple, through Results that Give Back.

Our Story

Where we’ve been…

Clinically Pressed originated as an idea, and later evolved into a podcast, which was created by Kyle Boland (chiropractor), AJ  Jagim (sports physiologist) and Joel Luedke (athletic trainer) as a way to share information that they were commonly asked about while featuring their respective areas of expertise. The podcast created opportunities to meet and learn from amazing practitioners who served as guests on the show. The baseline goal of: Make the Complicated Simple, was accomplished through the dissemination of information by the hosts of the podcast and any accompanying guests as they discussed evidence-based strategies to translate scientific principles into an easy to understand and practical manner. The podcast episodes were largely centered around round table discussions, insights/short clips and demonstration videos. Additionally, Clinically Pressed wanted to make a point of sharing quality information without any external bias.

As COVID-19 encroached on our lives and slowed everything down, so did the podcast. Without being able to get out and interact with individuals and connect on the same level, the podcast was put on pause, however, Clinically Pressed continued discussions about how to make an impact on people’s lives when it comes to health, fitness, nutrition and performance. In our daily lives, we’re frequently exposed to where people may fall through cracks in terms of getting the information they need in order to help get themselves moving in the direction they want when it comes to their health and fitness. There was also a glaring need identified in regard to providing safety equipment required to keep local athletes safe during their competitions and recreational activities. This led to the transformation of Clinically Pressed the podcast to Clinically Pressed Co., a 501c3 non-profit company.

Where we’re going…

The decision for Clinically Pressed to become a non-profit was made to maximize the impact we could have, while limiting any concerns of outside influence or pressure to sell something to the consumer. Through the formation of the new entity, Clinically Pressed is going to be able to offer new resources at no cost to those seeking the information as well as a philanthropic arm to help remove barriers to safety, health and fitness. Clinically Pressed Co will also continue to offer free information via the podcast where we find clinicians, practitioners and coaches to share their expertise, reviews of research and the overall applicability of other health and fitness tips. Along with all this accessible information, there will be options for paid services that will continue to help fund the strategic initiatives of Clinically Pressed Co.

We are looking forward to the future and can’t wait to help remove barriers to health, fitness and safety as we continue to Make the complicated simple through results that give back.

Board Members

Joel is an athletic trainer with Mayo Clinic Health System. Joel is one of the original founders of Clinically Pressed.
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Joel Luedke MS, LAT

CEO & Chairman

AJ’s primary research area focuses on nutritional requirements, knowledge and dietary intake for athletes and how these factors influence performance and health.
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Andrew Jagim PhD, CSCS*D, CISSN


Kyle is a chiropractor and rehabilitation specialist. His philosophy and care is focused on respecting each individual person as a whole. This means getting to the root of what is truly causing symptoms.
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Kyle Boland DC


Joel is a financial advisor and a Special Needs Disability Planning Consultant (ChSNC) with the Quantum Group, LLC in Unalaska, WI.
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Joel Dettwiler


Jill has a passion for personalized, integrative patient care. Jill’s focus on assessing and treating the body as a whole has guided and complimented her experience and training.
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Jill O'Brien DPT, PT

Board Member

Deb brings knowledge and connections when it comes to physical education and getting people active.
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Deb Sazama PhD

Board Member

Allison brings a connection and love of athletic training in the secondary school setting and skills in website research and design that will help users utilize the great information Clinically Pressed has to offer.
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Allison Freier ATC

Board Member