Meet Kyle

Kyle is a chiropractor, rehabilitation specialist and co-founder of Coulee Health and Clinically Pressed. His philosophy and care focuses on respecting each individual person as a whole, meaning getting to the root of what’s really causing the symptoms. He is a Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS) Certified Exercise Trainer in addition to multiple other soft tissue certifications. He also studied in Prague, Czech Republic, where he obtained  additional hands-on training and practical application of DNS techniques and principles.

Kyle offers Functional Medicine services to patients both at Coulee Health and remotely. These services are centered on identifying and addressing the root cause of one’s disease/ailment. This process involves the construction of a personalized plan of action to help find successful and lasting outcomes.

Kyle has been a part of Clinically Pressed from the beginning and an integral part of providing great information for those who have listened. He will be a huge part of continuing the work of Clinically Pressed as a non-profit.

Clinically Pressed Interview