Comprehensive Workout and Nutritional Program



Our fully comprehensive workout design and nutritional consultation program will provide you with a month’s work of strength/cardio programming and the option for a virtual monthly consultation to discuss goals and answer questions.

The calorie and macronutrient recommendation plan will help you know what your body needs in order to hit your goals whether it is to maintain, grow or drop a couple of pounds. These recommendations are set up specifically for you and what you need and your goals.

In addition, get a 12-day meal plan with the grocery list included. In addition to that, you’ll receive a calorie and macronutrient recommendation that will fit all the goals that you are looking to achieve. That could be maintaining, gaining size, or losing a few pounds.

Please connect with us at if you’re interested in these services so we work with you to determine the best option prior to purchase. A minimum of 50% of all sales go directly to fundraising efforts. The other percentage is to help grow CP to help more people.


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